Boiling Water Tap from Itho Now Available


From April we will be expanding our product range to include boiling water taps. In keeping with the company ethos of stocking high quality products, we have joined forces with Itho, a leading European manufacturer. The Itho range delivers instant boiling, hot or cold water. It also has additional options; to blend boiling and cold for instant hot water or to filter the cold drinking water; making it ideal for preparing hot drinks, preparing dinner and sterilising baby bottles. It’s energy efficient too. A typical family, drawing hot water 30 – 40 times a day from the boiling water tap could reduce utility bills by up to €190 annually. The Itho boiling water tank keeps the water at 110ᵒ and it is dispensed at 100ᵒ making it one of the few boiling water taps available on the market. One of the other features of the Itho tap is the patented push-turn knob which includes a spring recoil to prevent the unintended flow of boiling water. The boiling water tap is cool to touch and completely child–friendly. Available in round Dolce and square Gusto designs in stainless steel or chrome, the boiling water tap can be fitted into new and existing kitchens, replacing the kettle with a 5-litre boiler that fits snugly behind the kitchen plinth.

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