Faber Air Hub

FABER AIR HUB – The Integrated System for Pure Air in your Kitchen.


AIR HUB is a totally new product concept in air treatment that provides pure and safe air into your kitchen. In addition to extracting fumes, vapours and odours generated in the kitchen during cooking food like a classic hood; AIR HUB purifies the air from the presence (up to 99.99%) of viruses and bacteria, thanks to the presence of a UVC lamp inside.‎

Convenient and easy to use, the AIR HUB is turned on with a simple push of a button, while two additional functions - intensive and night programs - allow you to increase the extraction intensity or reduce the sound to a minimum during the night hours.

The AIR HUB is currently available in four models in 600 and 900 mm widths: two with a touch-sensitive glass control panel and A + energy label, and two with a stainless steel panel.

AIR HUB guarantees not only air purified from fumes and odours while cooking but healthy and clean air.‎ All contained in a single product which, in addition to improving air quality, also saves space.‎

For more information on this range download the Faber brochure.