Flanagan Fittings Open New Showroom

The end of August was the much anticipated launch of the new showroom at Flanagan Fittings.

 The in house show was a major success with the highest attendance ever at their Dublin showroom. Speaking to Irish Kitchen Trade Guide, Managing Director Paul Flanagan gave his reaction “... We were overwhelmed with the attendance and the response to the show. We opened the showroom for 3 days and over 80% of products we presented were new additions to our range.” Some of the new ranges on display were Blum LEGRABOX drawer system, Kessebohmer iMove and Climber systems, Sensio Bluetooth pop up sockets, Wesco Laundry bins, Faber cooker hoods and new sink and tap ranges. Paul further explained “... we also were launching new electronic services package which includes DYNAPLAN software from Blum, DYNAPLAN is a free cabinet deign package that allows you to plan out each individual cabinet with the correct hardware and export your results into kitchen planning software or into CNC machines for cutting of all the pieces”

The show was timed to coincide with the traditional Appliance exhibitions and while Paul was very happy with the response he acknowledges the time of the show was not ideal “... I decided that the opening should take place at the same time as the appliance shows as customers would be travelling long distances and it would be a good time for them to visit several in house shows. The problem with the time is that, many customers were on holidays or had children going back to school. The sales team had numerous messages from customers that couldn’t make it on the day, as a result we have decided to hold another 1 day event on Friday October the 9th. This will give customers an opportunity to see all the new ranges with the entire sales team present to show them around”