Non Slip Drawer Mats

Soft and resistant at the same time, the non-slip mats are ideal for placing inside the drawers, they prevent objects from slipping and guarantee protection against impact, damage and dirt.

These anti-slip mats are characterised by their high anti-slip capacity, a functional surface and ease of being cleaned. The non-slip mats can be cleaned with normal products on the market, they dry and you put them back in their place again. Even after several cleaning cycles, the mats retain their non-slip quality. 

These mats are available in a range of stylish colorations that help them seamlessly integrate with their setting; grey, anthracite and black. 

There are three different series available: the Track Series, Corrugated Series and Fabric Series which all feature a thickness of 1.2 millimeters and differ mainly for their external appearance, offering distinct aesthetic effects you can choose from based on the style of your interior space or your individual tastes.